Erin Taylor has always loved insects. As a child, she would set out to discover the various beetles, ladybugs and dragonflies meandering outside her home. That curiosity endured into adulthood and eventually gave rise to a fascination with bees. In 2010, Erin and her mother, Mary Lou, joined a local bee club, where they learned a deeper appreciation for the organized chaos of a hive.
“A little bee by herself is a simple insect,” says Erin, “but these ladies working together create magic.”

The desire to continue that magic was only heightened when Erin discovered that her grandmother, Mama Kane - as she was known - had also been a beekeeper in the ’60s. As a result, Erin was inspired to carry on the tradition of the lady she calls “the original Earth mother, kitchen witch and strong, southern woman.” Today, Erin and Mary Lou continue to honor the bees and spread the word about their importance. When not working hives and spreading the gospel of saving bees, Erin can be found landscaping, teaching yoga or in her workshop happily making art and jewelry.


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