Hurricanes and Hives

Hold on tight, ladies! We’ve pushed it off about as long as we could in hopes this tempest of wind and rain would be lured into open ocean. Alas, it appears Hurricane Dorian is determined to pay a visit. It’s unclear how zealous her east coast swing will be, but we all should be prepared nonetheless. And that includes the bees. We often get asked how we prepare the hives. In this case, it’s a matter of strapping down the hives, or placing a heavy object, like a cinder block, atop, so the box doesn’t topple or blow away. Then using entrance reducers to minimize wind and rain entering the hive. Placement is important, too. You want the colony high enough to avoid the risk of flooding, and in an area that won’t see a tree crashing down on it. Other than accepting a helping hand, bees are quite capable of taking care of themselves. As Dorian makes her approach, let’s keep our eyes and ears open - as well as our hearts - and help others where we can.

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